International players and football supporters meet here, around  LION'S GATE FIELD,  the most iconic soccer field  in New York City.


Since 2010 Nowhere FC has been here, building it's multi-level Football Club and outfitting local leagues with bespoke-built football jerseys.

In 2015 the Club launched the superfood kitchen Football Cafe, to fuel the players in the Nowhere FC system as well as the pitch community.


Fresh in stock is a well-informed selection of the best and most unique superfoods on earth, many with South American or East Asian roots, along with alternative specialties like raw local honey, fresh spices, coconut oil, agave, raw juices and daily-made pumpkinseed butter.


This is the official stadium-concession to our field and the Chinatown park,  for football purists, cross-training athletes and creatives alike.